HI !!! I'm Jenn your boudoir photographer !

Boudoir holds a special place in my heart; a little about me; I am a momma of 4 beautiful babies and a wife to a hard working man! Boudoir photography changed me when I did my very own boudoir session. I was 3 months postpartum with twins. I was so NERVOUS and thought I had made such a bad decision as I did not have my body back. But I did it; and when I say it changed me; I mean it CHANGED me! The feeling I had during the session; I felt powerful, and just down right amazing. Then the return of the images; WOW !!!! I could not believe it was me; 3 months PP and I loved my images. Did I criticize my body during the session; of course; did I still feel self conscience, yes. But then I looked at the images and thought about how I felt; and I did it for me. My body; carrying babies or not is literally a castle. I need to worship my body no matter the shape, the size, the color, any "battle wounds". My body is me and I need to embrace it. And now I have done 3 boudoir sessions!

So now I do the same for other women; help them. love their body and love themselves.

Show yourself, yourself and all its beauty!

So what is your why? Why is a boudoir session important to you!? Is it for self love? Confidence booster? Just want to feel sexy? Is it a gift?

Let me be your HYPE GAL !!!